July 24th, 2019

The Provincial Council of Britain welcomes a new club to Scotland, wishing it growing success moving forward.


Scotland’s newest Gaelic Athletic Association team, Ceann Creige Hurling and Camogie Club is proud to combine its Craigend birthplace with the sport’s Irish roots.

Following its launch four months ago, 30 children are attending youth hurling each week in Craigend and has set grounds for the ladies’ camogie team, which trains every Wednesday evening at Glasgow Green.

“It spreads Irish culture and sport in an area which has not always had its presence, but is a fantastic resource for local parents who want their children to be engaged in sport and be part of a good friendly club.”

With origins dating back more than 4,000 years, hurling shares its roots with shinty, the popular Gaelic team sport played in Scotland. The female variant, camogie, is played by women only and is almost identical in its rules.