Britain Council – old and new members January 2018

Management Committee 
Paul Foley Chair –
Karl McGuigan Secretary –
Noel O’Sullivan V.Chair –
Kevin McDonagh PRO –
Kieran Gleeson Treasurer –
Iggy Donnelly CC Delegate –
Julie Duffy Childrens Officer (No voting rights) –

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Shane Walsh Chair of Universities (No voting rights)
Chair ABC (No voting rights)
Mark McLoughlin Referees Administrator (No voting rights)
Diarmuid Walsh
Michael Connecode
Jen Tracey

Competition Control Committee                                     
Noel O’Sullivan Chair
Karl McGuigan Secretary
Shane Walsh
Frank Dillon

Hearing Committee
John Gormley Chair
Karl McGuigan (non voting) Secretary
Seamus Carr
Paul McNicholas
Michael Condecode
Peter Mossey
2 x tbc

Planning & Physical Development                               
Diarmuid Walsh
Noel O’ Sullivan
Shane Walsh
Karl McGuigan tbc

Referees Administration Committee
 Mark McLoughlin
1 X each Counties Referees Coordinators

Coaching & Games Development Committee
Noel O’Sullivan
Kevin McDonagh   CDA-Line Manager
Karl McGuigan Secretary
Iggy Donnelly Chair ABC

ABC Committee                                                                     
Co-Vice Chairs
Stephen Lavery Secretary
Noel O’Sullivan Vice-Chair
Tom Mohan
Seamus Carr
Iggy Donnelly Vice-Chair
John Gromley
Collen Lynott
Celine Byrne
Eilish Byrne Whelehan (Cultural and Music Officer)
Julie Duffy (Child Protection)
Tony O’Halloran
Andrew Kane
Kevin McDonagh
tbc New CDA

N G G’s Committee
 Shane Walsh Chair
Andrew Kane  Secretary
Karl McGuigan Vice-Chair
Kieran Gleeson
Kevin McDonagh
Jason Rooney
Niall Constadine
Stephen Lavery

Strategic Planning Steering Committee                   
Kevin McDonagh
Karl McGuigan
(Ulster Council Nominee)

Finance Committee As per bye-Law
Paul Foley
Karl McGuigan
Kieran Gleeson

County Board Officers 

County Name Officers  Contact Details